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Terrazzo lookalike quartz options in stock now

Diespeker is the number one fan of terrazzo. We love the beautiful look it provides, the versatility of the material and opportunity for bespoke, one-off designs.

However, we must be honest that terrazzo isn’t for everyone. When you choose terrazzo, you will need to accept that the trade-off for the beauty of it, is the chance of imperfections such as pinholes, scuffs and scratches and colour variations. There’s also the need to be extra careful to avoid staining (although the latest versions of stain-resistant products go some way to protecting the surface).

Most clients are accepting of these possibilities because they love the look of terrazzo as much as we do. But for clients who aren’t prepared to take a chance on imperfections, there’s a fantastic alternative available with a terrazzo lookalike in quartz.

Quartz is an engineered stone – it’s man-made and provides a uniform design that means the variations of terrazzo – and natural stone too – aren’t an issue. Quartz is as robust as granite but even less likely to chip. It’s non-porous so there’s less risk of staining. Although not as stunning as terrazzo, it does have a sumptuous finish offering a somewhat softer look than granite.

As well as being a superb choice for countertops, quartz is a good alternative to terrazzo for large flooring projects that attract heavy footfall, such as concourses and offices, and kitchen floors too.

We’re pleased to announce that Diespeker has good stock levels of a number of quartz terrazzo lookalikes for some of our most popular standard terrazzo designs including TE001, TE003, TE094 and a distant relation of our ever popular terrazzo TE007 so now is the perfect time to order for speedy delivery. Please contact us for images and quartz references.

So – if you’re worried about stains and imperfections, quartz may well be the right choice for you. It does come at a price – but it will last a lifetime.


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