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Working with WeWork

If you haven’t heard the name before, WeWork may be coming to a city near you soon!

WeWork is an American company on a mission to build amazing shared office spaces. Founded in 2010, the company now has multiple co-working offices around the world, from Brazil to India, and the UK.

For a number of WeWork projects, Diespeker has been involved with the pantry areas on each floor and the ground floor community bars, providing terrazzo counters, some bespoke and others from our standard range. Each project requires the equivalent work as we would undertake for four to five kitchens.

Working with design and fabrication specialists including LTB and Aldworth James & Bond in London, TSK Group in Manchester and Apoproject in Berlin, Diespeker has manufactured and installed countertops in London and Europe.

Recent locations include:

  • Aldwych House: bespoke terrazzo with chunky and finer white Carrara chippings in a black background
  • Shoreditch Mark Square:  bespoke terrazzo
  • Hammersmith: terrazzo from our Standard Plus range, made in resin rather than cement based terrazzo to meet the tight deadline
  • No. 1 Spinningfields, Manchester: TE080 and TE007
  • Berlin: bespoke terrazzo
  • Madrid: TE007 from our Standard range circa 40 sqm of counter tops and cladding to island units.


The projects often require a fast turnaround. For the Berlin project the schedule was:

  • 60x60mm of white Thasos marble, sourced from Greece was hand placed and set in moulds (fibreglass aluminium backing was sourced from Italy)
  • Smaller chippings created from Thassos marble crushed using our JAWS crushing machine.
  • After 10 hours the sheet of terrazzo was milled down.
  • After 24 hours they were ground down on polishing machines.
  • After 36 hours the sheets were grouted and any air pockets filled
  • After 72 hours the countertops were ready for dispatch


There are ongoing projects for WeWork in the pipeline for 2018, and we are delighted to be working with this forward-thinking business and contractors in the UK and overseas.

WeWork is much more than a business, it’s a community, committed to employees and the small businesses and entrepreneurs that benefit from WeWork offices. Diespeker is proud to be part of the revolution.

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